Thursday, 9 October 2014

How to set up a Blogger blog for Amazon

I got a comment a few weeks ago now asking how to set up a blogger blog, I did answer it as best as I could but I thought for the purpose of ease if anyone asks again I might as well create a simple tutorial. Now this is how I like to do things so this may be different for you but if you are only starting out there is no shame in following a few guidelines and then adapting things as you go along.

The idea is to create a blog around a niche of Amazon products and begin blogging about them, as Blogger is so well structured for SEO and is owned by Google content is all you need to rank.

Pick a niche of your choice it could be home decor, it could be gift lists, halloween costumes, anything really.

1.Log into Blogger

2.Select 'New Blog'

3.Chose a title and address **
I would recommend a catching name, depending on your niche, for example if your niche was bathroom decor it could be ""

4.Chose a theme (I like the picture window theme to start)

5.Once your blog has been created go to Layout

6.Click Add Gadget and add a TEXT module and inside that your Amazon Disclosure

 7.I like to keep the Blog Archive but change it to drop down instead of hierarchy as I think it looks better.

Once you have these preliminary steps done you just start posting content.

No need for keyword research, once you've chosen you niche just think how a searcher would. For example if your Amazon Blogger blog was about gifts for different people you'd have one post called 'gifts for teenage boys' another 'top gifts for six year old girls' and so on just making sure each post is extremely specific.

Make your posts 500 words or more, keep them laser focused and share on your social media accounts and before you know it your posts will be ranking. I know someone doing this and earning $500/month with only a few posts. For every affiliate post you write write another that is purely informational this way you keep in line with Blogger's TOS.

Any questions, pop them below.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Spaghetti Marketing: Review Part 1

There was a product that was hot a few weeks ago and it seemed like everyone was promoting it to me, you know how these things go right? I ended up buying it! But I made a promise I would put it to good use whenever I had spare time.
It’s called Spaghetti Marketing and it is a little different than most WSOs in that it is about Zazzle not Amazon or other merchants, what was most intriguing was the 15% commission Zazzle pays if you are an affiliate. The great thing about this guide is it is not about creating products which I don’t think I am good at considering I have done that and haven’t got too many sales.
It involves getting as many links out there on free websites that allow you to write very little, the whole concept of throwing as much out there as possible and eventually something will stick is very appealing.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Thank You!

A lot of people are going to relate to this, whenever I get a commission I do a little happy dance in my head I don't go as far as to actually dance around :) Most of all I am grateful that someone has trusted me enough to go through my link and buy something I have recommended.

Are you burnt onto the hearts of your readers?
It's very easy to be just another blogger but are you burnt onto the hearts of your readers? Sounds a bit weird but I assure you it isn't. I'm saddened when a blog doesn't allow comments, or emails are 'support tickets' wheres the love? Where's the human? Am I more than just another person in the queue to the support team?

I want everyone to know that I am thankful for you just reading this, commenting, taking something from my posts to improve your business or day. Thank you to everyone because without you there would be no point in me writing!

Saturday, 20 September 2014

What I've been working on

It's been a while since I posted because I've been throwing at lot of stuff onto the Internet to get my links out there for Halloween and Christmas. I have also been tweaking some of my existing properties to see if they can perform better as it is always a lot easier to make more on something that is already making money than starting from scratch.


I looked at the stats for my Pinterest site and noticed the traffic was not where I wanted it to be, so I checked my boards and I think I know what the problem is. I haven't done the keyword research correctly for most of my boards as there are already boards ranking on the first page. I have started adding new boards to see if I can do better, I know Pinterest is a great site and it can work I just have to keep tweaking.


Not doing much on Bubblews lately as I have been working on my own websites and trying something other than revenue share sites as they can be unstable *cough* Squidoo.

I did get another payout though which is nice and at the time of writing my bank is at $30 already and I haven't even been writing there that's 90% passive. Getting a payout without even being active there is still nothing to sniff at and I'll continue to take these payouts till they stop.


It's going to be October very soon, and I have been building up my Halloween site for quite some time. Sadly this month has been very quiet on Amazon, I hope that next month something magical happens and people start finding my site.

Comment below about what you have been doing these past few weeks.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Are Blogger blogs worthwhile?

I know a lot of people disprove of Blogger blogs, they aren't your own property and they have a weird looking domain name which lacks credibility. I do agree to a certain extent, the fact is when you are putting content on someone else's platform there is always the chance something can go wrong.

There was this person on Squidoo and I saw they had little blogger blogs with affiliate links on them, I was very intrigued so I emailed them to ask how being an affiliate on Blogger works and if it is worthwhile and they told me they were earning $100-200 per month on that one Halloween blog and for Halloween their earnings pretty much quadrupled (work that out :)

I set up a little blog of my own and a post I put up nine days ago has already earned a commission:

 Here's the post if you want to check it out :)

costume fun

The blogger is new, I am writing maybe 200-300 words per post and Halloween shopping still isn't in full swing yet. I made sure that I wrote a similar post targeting the same costume on my own blog.

I have started a Christmas blog now, using Blogger and incorporating Pinfabulous so even if my posts do not rank in Google I have Pinterest to support me aswell.People on Pinterest go crazy for the holidays!

I've never really tried to write Christmas pages because everything seems to saturated however using Pinterest aswell people search inside of Pinterest and come upon my pins which is what I like and there is probably less competition that way.

What do you think, is it worth it? 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Did I reach my content goal?

This monkey is laughing at my progress
The plan was to write one blog post per day in August (not on this blog) for my Halloween blog. Halloween is fast approaching and I didn't want to miss out as I know how well seasonal webpages can perform.

I didn't reach my goal however I did get ten new posts up which is better than nothing and to be fair my Internet was out for two weeks which wasn't convenient.

I have already written three new posts this month though as my Internet is back, one for a Christmas blog and two for my Halloween blog.

It's about time I got to work on Christmas webpages now because that can be just as lucrative if not more than Halloween.

What are you working on now? Comment in the comment box below.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Daily content in August

Make writing a priortiy!
I know we are already 8 days into August but that doesn't matter it is never too late to make goals and what better day to start than today.

So I have a goal of putting up daily content onto blogs for the rest of this month whether it be my Halloween blog, Pinfabulous blog or this blog. I want to plant passive income seeds so that in the future they can grow for me, I'll do that using content.

With Christmas only five months away and Halloween only three months away time is running out to prepare content for shoppers and you don't want to get left behind or regretting it afterwards when it is 26th December and everyone has stopped shopping. 

So today I have done two Halloween articles and one is in draft, this post that you are reading is another one so in total three articles done for today.

I'm inspired to do this because back in the day a lensmaster on Squidoo wrote an article about doing something everyday to create passive income and that was a really interesting lens to read.

Are you doing any challenge this month? Have you thought about preparing for the holidays yet?

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bubblews earnings

I received payment for my Bubblews earnings of $50. This money took a couple months to earn as I don't write at Bubblews as much any more the returns I were seeing weren't good anymore as the site was not working well it would have errors constantly and earnings were low.

Now the site has been upgraded to a new server I have already earned $37 (mostly passive income from old posts) so the upgrades have increased my earnings considerably and I am confident I can cash out in the next few weeks just from the passive income coming from my old posts. 

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Pinfabulous Affiliate affiliate sale!

I have only been blogging here on methodicalteen for a month and ten days which isn't that long and I don't spend a lot of time here at all. Probably only two hours in total over that time as my blog posts are quite short and I am happy to announce a reader (I hope your reading this :) got Pinfabulous through my link. Thank you so much to whoever it was, it is appreciated and if it was you shoot me an email or comment below so I can say thanks more personally.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

First Pinfabulous sales!

First sales!
I am happy to announce that I have gotten my first Pinfabuous sale, well actually I have gotten 3 orders with 2 shipped so far.

Pinfabulous (my link :) is a method by Erica Stone for creating thin affiliate webpages similar to what you would create at Squidoo a few years back and driving traffic to those pages through Pinterest.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Unexpected check!

Unexpected check!
Cool story: I only like paying for online stuff with online money but my Paypal was empty and I refused to pay my hosting fees with my job money but I had faith money would come somehow (law of attraction/the secret) and within a few days of thinking that I got this unexpected check! So I do not use offline money! This is for amazon kindle by the way not associates hence why it was unexpected.

Note: the date says 20th June but I only received it a few days ago as it ended up going to an old address that I hadn't changed in Amazon settings and the current person living there kindly sent it to me.

Received any 'surprises' lately?

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Dragon Dictation for blogging on the go

Hello blog readers today I'm trying out Dragon dictation for the iPhone, I decided to get an iPhone for business to see whether it would increase my productivity. I read on Tiffany Lamberts blog about this free app and I was really intrigued to see whether or not it would work.

I am a UK speaker so the voice calibration may be a bit off however with minimal editing I have been able to 'write' this post. It may not be a perfect solution to productivity woes however it will help me write posts on the go and I have quite a lot of blogs that need content so this will come in especially handy.

All you need to do is search for the app on the iPhone app store and then once you've finished dictating you can copy and paste the writing straight to your blog from your smartphone or e-mail the file to yourself and use your computer later to put up your blog post.

I am not sure about android however you can do a quick search in the Google play store to see what sort of dictation to speech tools there are.

I couldn't believe that the computer Dragon naturally speaking app costs so much when this does a brilliant job but is free. Do you use any similar software?

PS: this post has been written and edited as well as published via my phone, a computer didn't even need to be turned on.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Getting started with Amazon FBA

At the moment my main income streams are all affiliate websites and things like that so I wanted to mix it up a little, I wanted to toy with product creation but I do not have a list or any significant following so I didn't think that would be worthwhile. So I settled on Amazon FBA as a lot of people are having quick successes with it.

 Amazon FBA is basically you supplying Amazon with products at a low price and selling them at a higher price to make profit. 

One big coincidence was that a product I had already bought to do with Squidoo had a bonus recently thrown in about Amazon FBA and it was the perfect beginners guide in video form and because I had paid when the product was first brought out I had membership for life which I loved.

You may have heard of Robin Cockrell who is someone I have been talking to on Facebook for about 2 years (how time flies), she's a real nice lady who works full time online and is always lending a helping hand to beginners. So you may have heard of Amazon Sales Ninja which is a video course for complete beginners in how to work through Amazon FBA and get your first shipment out.

Robin's first month earnings
The screencap is Robin's first month of earnings!

Here is my plan of action:

I am going to go to a carboot on the weekend as I heard someone else did this and found some good stuff, people in the UK love a good carboot and so do I as I like finding hidden treasures.

I am then going to look in some second hand book stores. 

Then I am going to ship my first shipment.

Have you dipped your feet into the Amazon FBA water yet?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pinfabulous affiliate review

I love Erica Stone's products, the first one I put to action for a good solid month I made income off of (a Squidoo ebook) all of the others I have not put to action so I wanted to break that habit and dust off my copy of Pinfabulous affiliate.

Basically the guide is about using Pinterest to drive traffic to your websites, this means you can create these little 'thin' sites with affiliate links as Google/SEO doesn't matter with barely any content like people did at Squidoo and you can still make a commission.

There is the main written guide in PDF format which is one of Erica's longer ones at 73 pages but there is no fluff and everything is useful, there is also a graphic package which saves tons of time, HTML templates for Amazon although you can use a plugin to do the same thing faster and a follow along site.

My progress:

First I got a site up, it has to be your own on your own domain as the webpages you create will be too thin for web 2.0s however if you want you can use the Pinterest promotion steps to drive traffic to a content heavy page on your site or a web 2.0.

I have 34 boards up and running and a few in progress, 7 are in evergreen niches and the rest are in seasonal niches. When Halloween and Christmas are over I will really ramp up the amount of evergreen boards I create.

I'll update my progress each month. Volume is king here and getting the keyword research right, much like Squidoo you had to balance quality and quantity so I am going to try and get up as much boards as possible.I was earning around $5 per lens I created with Erica's previous guide so I do not see why I couldn't earn as much or more this time with this strategy and these boards take about as long as Squidoo lenses did to create.

Get your copy and follow along with me (aff link) :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My most passive income stream

Here is a screenshot of my lifetime Zazzle earnings, I know it's not much but it slowly goes up every week by a dollar or two which is also passive income. At Christmas it went up $20 but other than that it is VERY slow but ~£80 is a nice bit of change from very little work. Use photos you've taken yourself and edit them or use public domain photos.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Halloween niche site strategy

Welcome to the 'new' blog guys, some people might notice that I deleted a blog that had the exact same name/url as this one the only problem was I didn't think of the direction I wanted to take that blog in, many months later and I now know what I want to do and how better to convey my message which is of my journey creating income online.

For this first article I would like to talk about my Halloween niche site, well I have three so its niche sites and what I am doing to hopefully make four figures come Halloween.

The first Halloween site I have is heavily content based and relies on Google traffic, so I do a lot of on page seo and that's it.

The next one is a blogger site that I created following Erica Stone's Halloween Bonanza guide and yes it has made sales but I made it too late last year to really see the full effects of the Halloween buying season.

Finally I have a very thin affiliate site which is my main project and it relies on the power of Pinterest. I am using Erica's Stones Pinfabulous guide to generate Pinterest clicks. I have 27 boards and posts completed and many more in drafts or in proccess. If I only earn $5 per post and I can create 100 posts that a nice $500 earnings. Erica said her boards earn between $3-20 a month each.

So that's it, I'm just plugging away at it and when Halloween comes I will update with my results :)