Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pinfabulous affiliate review

I love Erica Stone's products, the first one I put to action for a good solid month I made income off of (a Squidoo ebook) all of the others I have not put to action so I wanted to break that habit and dust off my copy of Pinfabulous affiliate.

Basically the guide is about using Pinterest to drive traffic to your websites, this means you can create these little 'thin' sites with affiliate links as Google/SEO doesn't matter with barely any content like people did at Squidoo and you can still make a commission.

There is the main written guide in PDF format which is one of Erica's longer ones at 73 pages but there is no fluff and everything is useful, there is also a graphic package which saves tons of time, HTML templates for Amazon although you can use a plugin to do the same thing faster and a follow along site.

My progress:

First I got a site up, it has to be your own on your own domain as the webpages you create will be too thin for web 2.0s however if you want you can use the Pinterest promotion steps to drive traffic to a content heavy page on your site or a web 2.0.

I have 34 boards up and running and a few in progress, 7 are in evergreen niches and the rest are in seasonal niches. When Halloween and Christmas are over I will really ramp up the amount of evergreen boards I create.

I'll update my progress each month. Volume is king here and getting the keyword research right, much like Squidoo you had to balance quality and quantity so I am going to try and get up as much boards as possible.I was earning around $5 per lens I created with Erica's previous guide so I do not see why I couldn't earn as much or more this time with this strategy and these boards take about as long as Squidoo lenses did to create.

Get your copy and follow along with me (aff link) :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My most passive income stream

Here is a screenshot of my lifetime Zazzle earnings, I know it's not much but it slowly goes up every week by a dollar or two which is also passive income. At Christmas it went up $20 but other than that it is VERY slow but ~£80 is a nice bit of change from very little work. Use photos you've taken yourself and edit them or use public domain photos.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Halloween niche site strategy

Welcome to the 'new' blog guys, some people might notice that I deleted a blog that had the exact same name/url as this one the only problem was I didn't think of the direction I wanted to take that blog in, many months later and I now know what I want to do and how better to convey my message which is of my journey creating income online.

For this first article I would like to talk about my Halloween niche site, well I have three so its niche sites and what I am doing to hopefully make four figures come Halloween.

The first Halloween site I have is heavily content based and relies on Google traffic, so I do a lot of on page seo and that's it.

The next one is a blogger site that I created following Erica Stone's Halloween Bonanza guide and yes it has made sales but I made it too late last year to really see the full effects of the Halloween buying season.

Finally I have a very thin affiliate site which is my main project and it relies on the power of Pinterest. I am using Erica's Stones Pinfabulous guide to generate Pinterest clicks. I have 27 boards and posts completed and many more in drafts or in proccess. If I only earn $5 per post and I can create 100 posts that a nice $500 earnings. Erica said her boards earn between $3-20 a month each.

So that's it, I'm just plugging away at it and when Halloween comes I will update with my results :)