Friday, 20 June 2014

Halloween niche site strategy

Welcome to the 'new' blog guys, some people might notice that I deleted a blog that had the exact same name/url as this one the only problem was I didn't think of the direction I wanted to take that blog in, many months later and I now know what I want to do and how better to convey my message which is of my journey creating income online.

For this first article I would like to talk about my Halloween niche site, well I have three so its niche sites and what I am doing to hopefully make four figures come Halloween.

The first Halloween site I have is heavily content based and relies on Google traffic, so I do a lot of on page seo and that's it.

The next one is a blogger site that I created following Erica Stone's Halloween Bonanza guide and yes it has made sales but I made it too late last year to really see the full effects of the Halloween buying season.

Finally I have a very thin affiliate site which is my main project and it relies on the power of Pinterest. I am using Erica's Stones Pinfabulous guide to generate Pinterest clicks. I have 27 boards and posts completed and many more in drafts or in proccess. If I only earn $5 per post and I can create 100 posts that a nice $500 earnings. Erica said her boards earn between $3-20 a month each.

So that's it, I'm just plugging away at it and when Halloween comes I will update with my results :)


  1. Hi Ash,

    I want to do this strategy with Christmas sites.

  2. You sure can here's my Christmas site if you want to check it out:

    I would made a blogger blog and make each post a specific gift list then use the pinfabulous guide to drive traffic from Pinterest too so you have google and Pinterest traffic coming to your site :)