Thursday, 31 July 2014

Pinfabulous Affiliate affiliate sale!

I have only been blogging here on methodicalteen for a month and ten days which isn't that long and I don't spend a lot of time here at all. Probably only two hours in total over that time as my blog posts are quite short and I am happy to announce a reader (I hope your reading this :) got Pinfabulous through my link. Thank you so much to whoever it was, it is appreciated and if it was you shoot me an email or comment below so I can say thanks more personally.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

First Pinfabulous sales!

First sales!
I am happy to announce that I have gotten my first Pinfabuous sale, well actually I have gotten 3 orders with 2 shipped so far.

Pinfabulous (my link :) is a method by Erica Stone for creating thin affiliate webpages similar to what you would create at Squidoo a few years back and driving traffic to those pages through Pinterest.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Unexpected check!

Unexpected check!
Cool story: I only like paying for online stuff with online money but my Paypal was empty and I refused to pay my hosting fees with my job money but I had faith money would come somehow (law of attraction/the secret) and within a few days of thinking that I got this unexpected check! So I do not use offline money! This is for amazon kindle by the way not associates hence why it was unexpected.

Note: the date says 20th June but I only received it a few days ago as it ended up going to an old address that I hadn't changed in Amazon settings and the current person living there kindly sent it to me.

Received any 'surprises' lately?

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Dragon Dictation for blogging on the go

Hello blog readers today I'm trying out Dragon dictation for the iPhone, I decided to get an iPhone for business to see whether it would increase my productivity. I read on Tiffany Lamberts blog about this free app and I was really intrigued to see whether or not it would work.

I am a UK speaker so the voice calibration may be a bit off however with minimal editing I have been able to 'write' this post. It may not be a perfect solution to productivity woes however it will help me write posts on the go and I have quite a lot of blogs that need content so this will come in especially handy.

All you need to do is search for the app on the iPhone app store and then once you've finished dictating you can copy and paste the writing straight to your blog from your smartphone or e-mail the file to yourself and use your computer later to put up your blog post.

I am not sure about android however you can do a quick search in the Google play store to see what sort of dictation to speech tools there are.

I couldn't believe that the computer Dragon naturally speaking app costs so much when this does a brilliant job but is free. Do you use any similar software?

PS: this post has been written and edited as well as published via my phone, a computer didn't even need to be turned on.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Getting started with Amazon FBA

At the moment my main income streams are all affiliate websites and things like that so I wanted to mix it up a little, I wanted to toy with product creation but I do not have a list or any significant following so I didn't think that would be worthwhile. So I settled on Amazon FBA as a lot of people are having quick successes with it.

 Amazon FBA is basically you supplying Amazon with products at a low price and selling them at a higher price to make profit. 

One big coincidence was that a product I had already bought to do with Squidoo had a bonus recently thrown in about Amazon FBA and it was the perfect beginners guide in video form and because I had paid when the product was first brought out I had membership for life which I loved.

You may have heard of Robin Cockrell who is someone I have been talking to on Facebook for about 2 years (how time flies), she's a real nice lady who works full time online and is always lending a helping hand to beginners. So you may have heard of Amazon Sales Ninja which is a video course for complete beginners in how to work through Amazon FBA and get your first shipment out.

Robin's first month earnings
The screencap is Robin's first month of earnings!

Here is my plan of action:

I am going to go to a carboot on the weekend as I heard someone else did this and found some good stuff, people in the UK love a good carboot and so do I as I like finding hidden treasures.

I am then going to look in some second hand book stores. 

Then I am going to ship my first shipment.

Have you dipped your feet into the Amazon FBA water yet?