Thursday, 3 July 2014

Getting started with Amazon FBA

At the moment my main income streams are all affiliate websites and things like that so I wanted to mix it up a little, I wanted to toy with product creation but I do not have a list or any significant following so I didn't think that would be worthwhile. So I settled on Amazon FBA as a lot of people are having quick successes with it.

 Amazon FBA is basically you supplying Amazon with products at a low price and selling them at a higher price to make profit. 

One big coincidence was that a product I had already bought to do with Squidoo had a bonus recently thrown in about Amazon FBA and it was the perfect beginners guide in video form and because I had paid when the product was first brought out I had membership for life which I loved.

You may have heard of Robin Cockrell who is someone I have been talking to on Facebook for about 2 years (how time flies), she's a real nice lady who works full time online and is always lending a helping hand to beginners. So you may have heard of Amazon Sales Ninja which is a video course for complete beginners in how to work through Amazon FBA and get your first shipment out.

Robin's first month earnings
The screencap is Robin's first month of earnings!

Here is my plan of action:

I am going to go to a carboot on the weekend as I heard someone else did this and found some good stuff, people in the UK love a good carboot and so do I as I like finding hidden treasures.

I am then going to look in some second hand book stores. 

Then I am going to ship my first shipment.

Have you dipped your feet into the Amazon FBA water yet?

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