Friday, 8 August 2014

Daily content in August

Make writing a priortiy!
I know we are already 8 days into August but that doesn't matter it is never too late to make goals and what better day to start than today.

So I have a goal of putting up daily content onto blogs for the rest of this month whether it be my Halloween blog, Pinfabulous blog or this blog. I want to plant passive income seeds so that in the future they can grow for me, I'll do that using content.

With Christmas only five months away and Halloween only three months away time is running out to prepare content for shoppers and you don't want to get left behind or regretting it afterwards when it is 26th December and everyone has stopped shopping. 

So today I have done two Halloween articles and one is in draft, this post that you are reading is another one so in total three articles done for today.

I'm inspired to do this because back in the day a lensmaster on Squidoo wrote an article about doing something everyday to create passive income and that was a really interesting lens to read.

Are you doing any challenge this month? Have you thought about preparing for the holidays yet?

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