Thursday, 25 September 2014

Spaghetti Marketing: Review Part 1

There was a product that was hot a few weeks ago and it seemed like everyone was promoting it to me, you know how these things go right? I ended up buying it! But I made a promise I would put it to good use whenever I had spare time.
It’s called Spaghetti Marketing and it is a little different than most WSOs in that it is about Zazzle not Amazon or other merchants, what was most intriguing was the 15% commission Zazzle pays if you are an affiliate. The great thing about this guide is it is not about creating products which I don’t think I am good at considering I have done that and haven’t got too many sales.
It involves getting as many links out there on free websites that allow you to write very little, the whole concept of throwing as much out there as possible and eventually something will stick is very appealing.

The sales page definitely hooked me ‘If you can write 3 sentences and click your mouse you’ll love this simple strategy’ tell me that doesn’t pique your interest. I read every single comment in the thread to see how the creator (Donna) was handling tricky questions and see if I could get any more info about the product.
 She quotes $50-300 per month for each ‘campaign’ she creates with a campaign being a group of these small websites and each campaign takes her a few hours. There were a few tricky questions but I love how she’s answered them, I think the person was either not experienced in Internet marketing and didn’t quite get something not because of the product.
I click the buy button and the process was very smooth, no upsells or anything like that and you just download the file to your computer from WSO PRO. I liked the clickable table of contents, always handy.
Now there is a tool she recommends you get to speed up create affiliate displays for each of these free sites that you create, I’ve used the tool and I like it but I don’t like the monthly membership (only small and she offers a coupon) however you can use this site free which is what I am using it’s not as snazzy as the tool she recommended but I like it anyway.
I haven’t heard of most of these free sites she mentions, I like how she goes through setup instructions for each one. This is going to be tricky the first time round as it is when learning something new, but get your first set of sites up following the instructions to the t afterwards you can adapt it.
I’ve done my first campaign and it took a three to four hours but the second one took a lot less as I knew what I was doing.
What I liked:
  • New sites I didn’t know about
  • Thorough set up instructions
  • Simple strategy that can be done in your spare time
  •  I’ve already got clicks to Zazzle!
Things I didn’t like
  • She doesn’t really go over free alternatives (either using the HTML straight from Zazzle or the tool I mentioned), she does mention the Zazzle HTML option but not extensively.
You have to make a course your own, take what you need from it and leave what you don’t. Overall I would definitely recommend this course it’s simple and there are a lot of new things and nuggets I have taken from it. If you’ve enjoyed Pinfabulous or creating Squidoo lenses you’re going to love this. 
Get your copy (my link :) 


  1. Good luck with this strategy, let us know how well it works for ya. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting :) I will make sure I do an update

  2. Sounds interesting Ash. I recall a previous post of yours where you were going to be creating/selling items on Zazzle. Sounds like you enjoy the site.

    Do let us know how this product works out for you. I enjoyed your post, it was very informative.

    1. Yes I do enjoy Zazzle but we all know enjoying something and being good at it is two very different things lol :)

  3. Interesting. Is the small content duplicated in each Web 2.0?

    1. Not duplicated but they'll end up quite similar, you only need to write a few sentences for each anyway. Hope that makes sense :)