Thursday, 9 October 2014

How to set up a Blogger blog for Amazon

I got a comment a few weeks ago now asking how to set up a blogger blog, I did answer it as best as I could but I thought for the purpose of ease if anyone asks again I might as well create a simple tutorial. Now this is how I like to do things so this may be different for you but if you are only starting out there is no shame in following a few guidelines and then adapting things as you go along.

The idea is to create a blog around a niche of Amazon products and begin blogging about them, as Blogger is so well structured for SEO and is owned by Google content is all you need to rank.

Pick a niche of your choice it could be home decor, it could be gift lists, halloween costumes, anything really.

1.Log into Blogger

2.Select 'New Blog'

3.Chose a title and address **
I would recommend a catching name, depending on your niche, for example if your niche was bathroom decor it could be ""

4.Chose a theme (I like the picture window theme to start)

5.Once your blog has been created go to Layout

6.Click Add Gadget and add a TEXT module and inside that your Amazon Disclosure

 7.I like to keep the Blog Archive but change it to drop down instead of hierarchy as I think it looks better.

Once you have these preliminary steps done you just start posting content.

No need for keyword research, once you've chosen you niche just think how a searcher would. For example if your Amazon Blogger blog was about gifts for different people you'd have one post called 'gifts for teenage boys' another 'top gifts for six year old girls' and so on just making sure each post is extremely specific.

Make your posts 500 words or more, keep them laser focused and share on your social media accounts and before you know it your posts will be ranking. I know someone doing this and earning $500/month with only a few posts. For every affiliate post you write write another that is purely informational this way you keep in line with Blogger's TOS.

Any questions, pop them below.