Monday, 30 November 2015

Travel Blogging For Money?

Hey guys, today a new type of post in an aim to mix things up a little. Travel is a hobby for many, going to new places meeting new people and experiencing different things outside our comfort zones.

It can be in your local area or a thousand miles away in a foreign land. Either way travel can bring us new experiences that make perfect blog posts. The only problem is everyone has a blog nowadays, most fall before they've even picked up steam whilst others gain momentum and reach a wide audience.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

How To Write Blogs For Money

Hey guys :) it's been a while since I last blogged. I've been super busy with life, getting things organized and sorted for my upcoming gap year, blogging and working on Zazzle too. It's been an exciting few months for me with Halloween finishing and gearing up for Christmas.

Anyone who writes online will know that these two holidays are the most profitable and therefore it was crucial I capitalized on one this year. I chose Halloween but I've also set up a gift blog so I'll be in prime position for Christmas next year too.

Monday, 28 September 2015

How to REALLY Make Money Online

Highest Amazon month ever.
Plus another $100 not shown from SAS
I've been doing this affiliate marketing thing for a while now ever since I was a young teenager still in school, I started on several free websites like Squidoo, Hubpages and Bubblews always dabbling never really making headway anywhere.

It wasn't until January this year that I really upped my game, I knew my exams and school was coming to an end and didn't really want to go to university, I wanted to run my own business and take a gap year instead.

I started a blog and promised myself I would stick to it for 1 year, no ifs or buts. 1 whole year and if it wasn't successful I would give it all up and surrender to the rat race. It sounds like a stretch but the time will pass anyway and what other option did I have? Keep dabbling and waste another year, two, ten?

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Make Money With Shareasale

Amazon may be the leader for physical product affiliates but let’s not forget other merchants from Shareasale and CJ (commission junction), there’s pretty much any type of product on Amazon that you can think of but there are also items that are hard to find too.

Here’s my earnings for a random day this month (pictured), I earn a few dollars everyday so it adds up quickly and I don’t have nearly as many links for them on my blog as Amazon. It just makes sense to plug those holes that Amazon doesn’t fulfill and it’s a nice complimentry stream.

To be honest I’ve had it easy with Shareasale thanks to Easy Product Displays which is the tool I use to create product displays with a call to action button underneath which I what makes my conversion super high. It’s a monthly payment tool but I make it back in less than one sale and it saves me tons of time, and time equals money.

So if you have a blog that gets a traffic and sell products from Amazon on it already I’d recommend adding a few shareasale links with EPD and adding another stream just like that. Some merchants are auto approve so you can start straight away and others you’ll have to apply for but it’s well worth it.

For September 2015 enter coupon code: 10THANKYOU at checkout for 10% off

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Amazon Earnings for August 2015

Thought I'd post my Amazon earnings here for any readers interested in growing their own affiliate income. I've been learning and lot of new techniques and slowly implementing them on my main blog. 

I earned a total of $210.13, all but a dollar came from that main blog. I used to use solely text links and image links, not only was it labour intensive but my conversion rate was super low. 

Since I've been using a tool called Easy Product Displays or EPD for short I've seen both conversion rate and sales improve dramatically. The displays are super attractive to the eye, stand out and only take a few seconds to put together with the tool. 

I can't wait for Halloween and Christmas when both sales and conversions are higher, the more I blog and update my existing pages the more traffic and sales I seem to get. So just keep going! 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Zazzle Updates

Recently I've been working more on Zazzle as an income stream, what I love about it is the commissions are larger than Amazon so you make more per sale.

It's because of this that I make more with Zazzle eventhough I have more webpages promoting Amazon items.

I created a site solely to promote Zazzle after finding success promoting other people's items and am happy to say it received its first sale after two months.

I worked a lot on the site for the first month it was live then left it for the second month, now I will go back to it and add new pages and do more promotion.

First affiliate site sale

Mainly I'm using keywords from Jaaxy which is so simple to use and pinning all the images to Pinterest boards using the same keywords.

Besides the $100 sale I got in February since then I've had two days over $30 from my own store, one only last week. I sell a lot of postcards otherwise which are only a few cents each but when I receive a large orders it's always a nice surprise.

Big single order from my store

The spikes are getting closer so I'm just gonna keep working, keep adding and keep promoting until I see days like above everyday. I'm still working on Spaghetti Marketing which is what got me the $100 day on Zazzle in the first place and began this whole Zazzle adventure.

Monday, 2 March 2015

I made $100 Commission Today!

Hi guys I know it's been months since I wrote here, I hope everything is going well for you and your online endeavours. Last year I realised that I needed to 'focus' online and that is why I took time to think about what I wanted to do and then stick to it for 2015.

I chose to stick with Zazzle and one website I had. My sisters the arty one in the family not me but I do enjoy designing things even if they come out rubbish. Aside from designing I was also promoting Zazzle items namely wedding invitations because people buy in bulk, someone buying five postcards is nice but someone buying fifty invites is a lot better.

I put up a few Zazzle sites using the Spaghetti Marketing Guide (my link :) and boards on Pinterest but for the most part have been working on my Amazon site so I was shocked when I logged into Zazzle today that I have $100 pending for one day! I've made more than that since my last post but the screenshot is just for 28th Febuary 2015.