Saturday, 13 June 2015

Zazzle Updates

Recently I've been working more on Zazzle as an income stream, what I love about it is the commissions are larger than Amazon so you make more per sale.

It's because of this that I make more with Zazzle eventhough I have more webpages promoting Amazon items.

I created a site solely to promote Zazzle after finding success promoting other people's items and am happy to say it received its first sale after two months.

I worked a lot on the site for the first month it was live then left it for the second month, now I will go back to it and add new pages and do more promotion.

First affiliate site sale

Mainly I'm using keywords from Jaaxy which is so simple to use and pinning all the images to Pinterest boards using the same keywords.

Besides the $100 sale I got in February since then I've had two days over $30 from my own store, one only last week. I sell a lot of postcards otherwise which are only a few cents each but when I receive a large orders it's always a nice surprise.

Big single order from my store

The spikes are getting closer so I'm just gonna keep working, keep adding and keep promoting until I see days like above everyday. I'm still working on Spaghetti Marketing which is what got me the $100 day on Zazzle in the first place and began this whole Zazzle adventure.