Thursday, 3 September 2015

Amazon Earnings for August 2015

Thought I'd post my Amazon earnings here for any readers interested in growing their own affiliate income. I've been learning and lot of new techniques and slowly implementing them on my main blog. 

I earned a total of $210.13, all but a dollar came from that main blog. I used to use solely text links and image links, not only was it labour intensive but my conversion rate was super low. 

Since I've been using a tool called Easy Product Displays or EPD for short I've seen both conversion rate and sales improve dramatically. The displays are super attractive to the eye, stand out and only take a few seconds to put together with the tool. 

I can't wait for Halloween and Christmas when both sales and conversions are higher, the more I blog and update my existing pages the more traffic and sales I seem to get. So just keep going! 

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