Sunday, 13 September 2015

Make Money With Shareasale

Amazon may be the leader for physical product affiliates but let’s not forget other merchants from Shareasale and CJ (commission junction), there’s pretty much any type of product on Amazon that you can think of but there are also items that are hard to find too.

Here’s my earnings for a random day this month (pictured), I earn a few dollars everyday so it adds up quickly and I don’t have nearly as many links for them on my blog as Amazon. It just makes sense to plug those holes that Amazon doesn’t fulfill and it’s a nice complimentry stream.

To be honest I’ve had it easy with Shareasale thanks to Easy Product Displays which is the tool I use to create product displays with a call to action button underneath which I what makes my conversion super high. It’s a monthly payment tool but I make it back in less than one sale and it saves me tons of time, and time equals money.

So if you have a blog that gets a traffic and sell products from Amazon on it already I’d recommend adding a few shareasale links with EPD and adding another stream just like that. Some merchants are auto approve so you can start straight away and others you’ll have to apply for but it’s well worth it.

For September 2015 enter coupon code: 10THANKYOU at checkout for 10% off


  1. Very inspirational. Let's keep on writing!

  2. EPD is really awesome! It certainly makes a pretty presentation and saves a great deal of time and coding.