Sunday, 27 March 2016

Can You Travel and Work

Sunset at Sihanoukville Cambodia
Almost three months have flown by since I started travelling South East Asia and I cannot begin to understand everything I've done and experienced over this time period. Life is a journey and this has certainly been a wild one.

I've been to Thailand for a whole month, Cambodia for three weeks and ventured into Vietnam for another month (where I'm writing this from) and who knows where I'll go next. One thing I've learned since backpacking is you never know what might come up next, plans change in the blink of an eye and nothing is every guaranteed when you're on the road.

I've been on beaches in Cambodia Sihanoukville with the sun and sea literally a foot outside my door, struggling to comprehend each day as I watched the sunset and ate mangoes from the street sellers.

Taking a glorious three island tour that covered the whole day including breakfast and lunch where I found my own personal 'The Beach' right on this beach where we stopped for three hours (mind the afro). Snorkelling and seeing all the sea had to offer in full HD.

Gorging on endless Pad Thai's in Thailand and an array of street food at the Chiang Mai night market, literally every type of food and drink you can think of down one street.

All in all I've been having a blast but you didn't think I was working through all of that did you? It's hard to keep a work/life balance at home let alone on the road where the WIFI can be spotty at the best of times.

Nevertheless I've managed to find time here and there and finally in Vietnam I've settled for a while to do some work so I can continue to travel the world and see what this world has to offer.

My main income is still coming from my niche blog and without the guidance of the Amazon Masterclass Course that teaches you everything you need to know to run a successful  Amazon blog that actually gets traffic and converts sales I'm sure I would have given up by now or at very least be earning very little certainly not enough to take three month off of 'life'.

Finding a niche, researching keywords, formatting your posts for SEO, social media traffic, converting the sale and tweaking each blog post for optimal readability.

You get the course AND free access to the free Facebook group that comes along with it and the most supportive group of people online I've had the pleasure to virtual meet. Everyone cheering each other one daily and helping through struggles too is invaluable and not something you get with other course which is the main reason you procrastinate and leave another course on your harddrive.

Just keep swimming, just keep blogging and build yourself a stream of income that can allow you to do the stuff you enjoy in life, whether that be travelling like me or enjoying home comforts. Get the help you need, you don't need to do this alone if you're struggling. We're waiting for you!

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