Saturday, 9 April 2016

Amazon Commissions March 2016

I thought it was about time I did an update on my Amazon earnings, most people who follow me know my main Amazon blog is seasonal although it has year round appeal and audience.

Since the peak time has passed I thought it would be fun to look at how my earnings fair across the year and what I can do to keep them up outside the holidays. I've been travelling non-stop for three months thanks to my online earnings so it's been hard to keep consistent posting whilst eating new foods and checking out yet another temple.

So for the month of March I earned $162 on Amazon, it's a far cry from the $3000 earned in October and $800 in September but the drop is to be expected not to mention it's been increasing every month since then (non-seasonal) and this is my highest month outside of September and October so far.

This is just my Amazon earnings, I also have Zazzle, affiliates and other streams working away for me too. My goal is $300 for next month which is well within the realms of possibilities looking at April so far then $500 the next! Not to mention this is already at my August earnings level for last year which means I'm on track already to earn more this holiday season.

If it wasn't for the guidance in the Pajama Affiliates course aswell as the peer support from the free Facebook group that goes along with it I know I wouldn't have earned so much in October or this month.

Another thing my conversion rate is sitting at a very respectable 12% which means the traffic I do get is converting and people are buying. Plain old images just won't cut it, the minute I started adding Easy Product Displays to all of my posts conversion literally doubled in a month.

Creates beautiful eye catching displays and most of all saves me time, and time is money.

Just keep swimming, just keep blogging and join us in the group!


  1. Hi Ashley, congratulations on your earrings. I wish I were doing well, I keep hanging in there.
    What group? have to get dressed for church.. have a great day

    1. Thank you! The Pajama Affiliate course comes with a free Facebook group full of other internet marketers, which provides me a lot of support to keep going.