Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How to Build Multiple Income Streams

(Current office view) Written from Cambodia
I talk a lot on the blog about the different streams of income I'm building because I think it's important to not keep all of your eggs in the same basket.

An affiliate merchant could close their doors, or your account could be banned or Google may not be so favourable to your blog in the future. There are so many reasons to diversify your income TODAY.

The other side to that and perhaps even a more common problem is spreading yourself too thin and seeing little to no progress on your projects. It's good to have several eggs in your basket just not so many that you cannot properly care and nurture each one. Just like growing a garden you need to give each plant the attention it needs.


Zazzle is a fun stream for me and one that I can do whenever I have some spare time, it's a part time project that has reaped rewards fast for me and becomes even more lucrative over the Christmas and holiday periods. Right now I'm seeing more and more travel related purchases from my store and so I am in the process of adding more travel photography to my store.

Aside from building up my store I'm also receiving a steady stream of affiliate sales from webpages I've had out for months now. What I love is I can switch between my store for when I'm feeling creative and my sites for when I'm in the mood for writing and creating posts.

I've had $100 days on Zazzle and aim to improve that this year! I've even written a guide called Zazzle Zoom that'll get you right on track either building a store up or your own affiliate site or a mix of the two! I've gotten tons of questions about Zazzle as an income stream so it made sense to answer those in an ebook.


Amazon is another stream I enjoy and is the one I work on full time by blogging in a niche I enjoy writing about. Many people worry about the commissions for Amazon affiliates but forget that people often buy in bulk. Who do you know goes to Amazon and only buys one item? Plus you get the commission on each and every item even ones you didn't mention in the article.

At the minute I'm aiming to earn $1000 from my blog each month outside of the holidays and several thousands inside the holidays. I'm seeing an upward trend in traffic and earnings so this goal is certainly within reach. Above is the screengrab for last months (March 2016 earnings).

I've been going back over the Pajama Affiliates course material and tweaking all of my old posts again aswell as retouching my more recent posts. The free group is perfect for sharing blog posts in the weekly thread and the support that comes along with it is unrivalled.

I also dabble in affiliate marketing for digital products aswell as Shareasale for other physical products. The secret sauce is putting the courses into action each and every day. Working on Zazzle and adding new products and blogs. Working on Amazon the same way.Daily action over a period of months and years is what gets you results.

What income streams do you work on? Comment below! 

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