Sunday, 17 April 2016

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling

You know it always shocks me how few people know about making money online by being an affiliate marketer, this online stuff is still in its infancy and the potential is still unknown to most people.

Many people think of making money at Amazon as shipping packages like you would for Ebay but there is an alternative and it's called Amazon Affiliates. Totally different to shipping packages like you would as part of Amazon FBA which you may have heard all the rage about.

An affiliate is someone who promotes Amazon products on the internet and if someone buys the product you promote you get a commission for every sale you make, so even if that person ends up totally bypassing the product and goes and buys a 50 inch television you still get the commission.

Create a Nice Blog

The basic premise is creating a website around a topic you enjoy writing about, it could be product reviews, recipes, arts and crafts. Literally anything under the sun Amazon has available and you can promote so it makes sense to not limit yourself.
Add contextual links and product displays to advertise the products related to your article and make a sale anytime someone clicks your link and buys.

Think of it like your own personal magazine where you guide the audience and just like any writer should get compensated for doing so. Above are my earnings for the holiday season last year just on Amazon over the month of October and this isn't even including other income streams.

The thing about blogging is everyone wants to do it, or is doing it and most people don't stick with it. It's not something you can do once or twice and expect big results you need to treat it like a real job or you'll get nowhere. There are literally millions of blogs out there and yours needs to stick out and be seen.

Support and Consistency

That's where having a support group is so beneficial and why I recommend joining Amazon Masterclass by Lesley Stevens and Robin Cockrell to get access to the free Facebook group. It's a group I've been a part of for a few years but only started being active in the last year and without it I know my earnings screenshot above would not be as big.

Basically everything I've learned about increasing my conversion and getting the click I put down to the course and group. Learn how to have good SEO, use social media to promote your blogs and format your pages so they are visually appealing and convert. On top of that lifetime access to the support group on Facebook!

It's like having a virtual workplace where we all help each other and support each other through struggles and most of all give each other that morale support and positivity you need while working at home.

Consistency is a must, keep adding blog posts and continually promoting and you'll get there. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

March 2016 Commissions

Even after the holiday season that blog is still earning (March 2016 earnings) and as the holiday season approaches I'll add articles more rapidly to it and hopefully increase that figure about multiple times.

My conversion is at 12% which is high thanks to using the techniques taught in Amazon Masterclass Course at Pajama Affiliates which teaches about formatting your pages in a way to catch the readers eyes alongside info on SEO and social media promotions.

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