Friday, 15 April 2016

Introducing Zazzle Zoom!

Hey, it's Ash again and today I'm happy to announce I've released my first ever product. An ebook to be exact, about how to start earning a passive income on Zazzle.

I've been dabbling with Zazzle for years but recently I've ventured deeper into it and found it to be one of my most passive income streams. The more I promote and add to my stores the more I make.

Part 1: Building An Affiliate Website 

It comes in two parts. The first part is all about creating an affiliate site promoting Zazzle products. In this section I'll walk you through finding a niche, keyword research to find the titles for your first 30 posts using my own unique method and competition analysis, how to do on page SEO for these posts and finally how to promote them.

Part 2: Building a Free Store

The second section is for people with a creative side, who already own photography, scanned artwork or digital art they own and can upload to Zazzle. I show you how to touch up your images, upload them to Zazzle and add the right titles, tags and descriptions to be found in the Zazzle marketplace be seen and get sales. Finally how to get those products straight in front of hungry affiliates who'll do the promotion for you.

Want $100 days like this?

Part 1 is great for those wanting to dabble with a new stream without having images of their own and Part 2 is great for those bored of SEO and writing and just want to do something creative for a change! 

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